To define your target group, it’s essential to determine the profiles of your (most loyal or most profitable) clients and prospects. A real-world profile, based on actual data, will tell you more than any regular persona type.

Such profile includes demographics, like city of residence, age, gender, income and common interests. But we offer more. We can match your client data to add missing characteristics. Does your target group own or rent their home, is it a house or an apartment and what is it worth? We also have information on their mobility (what kind of car to they drive, how old is it, when did they buy it?), innovation degree and in-depth demographics.

EDM Digital Solutions is able to not only match and enrich your CRM-data, we can unlock the vast potential in (unknown) website visitors as well. Obviously, all with the highest respect for your clients’ and visitors’ privacy and subject to the relevant legislation.



Appyling online recognition and offline keys, EDM Digital Solutions is able to map CRM-data and enrich these with any household characteristic. Our databases offer insights on the population in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

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Detailed profile information does not only enable you to better deploy your marketing- and sales funnel, it also allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Even more, it allows you to do so at the right costs.

Personalization to us is about the full customer journey, from banner to emailing and from direct mail to your website.



One of the most effective ways to reduce your media spent and optimize the results of your marketing efforts, is combining off- and online data with programmatic advertising. Knowing who and when to reach with the ability to actually do so, provides you with a huge advantage. Lower costs, more conversion.